Once you have gone through the effort of getting a blowout, it can be devastating for the fabulous look to disappear so quickly. Due to the weather, your workouts, or even how you sleep can ruin your fresh style. Depending on what the texture of your hair is, you can make your blowout last longer, so Day 3 looks just as good as when you first left the salon.

1. Use A Good Clarifying Shampoo

It all starts with how your hair is washed. We spoke with celebrity hairstylist Rene Fris on his advice on how to choose a good shampoo. Fris says you want to look carefully at the ingredients on the shampoo bottle. For example, when you look at the ingredients on Fris’ Hair Cleanser, it is silicone-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, formaldehyde-free, MEA-free, and DEA-free. All of that means that it helps keep the good oils in your hair while keeping your hair clean. His cleanser is also enriched with D-Panthenol to help keep your hair healthy and luscious.

2. Choose A Good Dry Shampoo

Once again, you have to look at the ingredients. Fris says that you want something that contains anti-inflammatory ingredients because it keeps your scalp environment healthy without adding chemicals to your hair.

When you are applying the dry shampoo to your hair, Fris says that you should hold the bottle about six to eight inches away from your hair and focus mostly on spraying the roots. Use your fingers to tousle the hair and to give it some added texture.

3. Invest In A Silk Pillowcase

If you don’t have a silk pillowcase, you need to get one now. The smooth silk pillowcase means that there is less friction, and your strands don’t pull as much when you move around at night. It keeps your strands smooth. A cotton pillowcase causes more friction on your hair strands, which is why you might be seeing frizz on your hair.

4. Pull Hair Up When Sleeping

When you are sleeping, you might be destroying your hairstyle without even realizing it. When you sleep, you should twist your hair into a loose bun or high ponytail. When you wake up, your hair will even have a little extra volume without any risk of damage!

5. Don’t Touch Your Hair!

It can be hard when you are feeling so fabulous, and your hair is so soft, but running your fingers through your hair will ruin your blowout that much faster. The grease from your fingers won’t do your hairstyle any favors.

6. Use A Shower Cap When Showering

While you might think that pulling your hair into a bun when you are showering will be good enough, there is still moisture that is getting in your hair. Avoid it by using a shower cap when you take a shower.

7. Avoid Sweating

Moisture is one of the biggest killers of your blowout, so, unfortunately, you’ll want to avoid working out hard. Instead of doing a lot of cardio right after your blowout, do lighter workouts or strength training, so you aren’t sweating your hairstyle away.

8. Use A Headband

If you can’t skip the gym, use a moisture-wicking headband so you can keep as much sweat away from your hair as you can.

Blowouts are a fun treat and make your hair so soft and fabulous, and you want to keep it in place for as long as possible! Use these tips to keep your blowout in place for as long as possible.

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