Going blonde is a process, and it is something that takes a long time. This is why when you decide to go blonde, you need to know exactly what shade you want before any amount of bleach touches your hair. Even though you can go darker or lighter, bleach can really do some damage on your locks, so keeping that damage to a minimum is important. 

What are your options when it comes to getting blonde hair? Here is the spectrum: 

Tips On How To Get The Blonde You Want 

With so many different shades of blonde, upkeep can be difficult. Each shade of blonde is quite unique and can be difficult to match. That is why going within a few levels on your natural hair color is so important. You also want to consider your skin tone when making a decision ‚Äď that will greatly impact what your hair looks like and how well it wears.¬†

Something else to look at? Your eye color ‚Äď there are shades that look best with certain eyes. Make sure to hold the sample up to your eyes to see how they work.¬†

Most importantly, you want to think about the image you are giving off. Platinum blonde is gorgeous, but when you mix it with extremely long extensions, you might be giving off the wrong image. 

Lightest Blonde Hair Shades 

The lightest blonde shades typically look best with people who are lighter in skin tone ‚Äď though this is not a hard and fast rule. It all depends on how you wear your hair and whether you take care of it properly. This means using high quality shampoo to help neutralize the brassiness that can emerge.¬†

Light Ash Blonde is the lightest blonde hair color that has an ashy or gray tine. Many different celebrities have this hair color, though they will use it in a balayage instead of as a monotone hair color. 

Neutral and Natural Blonde Hair Shades 

For most people a nice, neutral and natural blonde shade is the best choice. This is because the blonde still looks like it could be your own (if you keep up with your roots) and it goes with many different types of skin tones and complexions. 

Strawberry blonde is a reddish natural tint that is great for those who are fairer but want to warm up their skin tones. The same can be said of butter blonde which adds more yellow tons to a blonde base. 

Beige blonde is a bit darker and cooler and is best on medium skin tones. You do have to be careful and judicious with this color, especially if adding in highlights. For those who like cool tones, silver blonde is another fantastic option because it has some ash and it works extremely well for people who have cool-toned skin and eyes. For those with darker complexions, it is great to add some stark contrast. 

Medium Blonde Hair Shades 

Medium tones are probably the most accessible blonde hair tone because it goes with so many different skin tones and undertones. It is extremely easy to wear this shade of hair as well as keep up with it. In fact, this is the shade of blonde hair that is probably the one most people are born having. 

Dirty blonde¬†hair has more natural tones that are light and dark mixed together. This look is quite common and can sometimes be called ‚Äúdishwater‚ÄĚ hair. Similar, but slightly brighter,¬†honey blonde¬†hair looks great on almost everyone. With honey blonde hair, however, you may want to leave your roots a bit darker. Another shade similar to both of those is¬†golden blonde¬†where the colors are mixed together.¬†¬†

Ash blonde is a bit different. This shade is a darker, cooler almost silver blonde that is a fantastic option for those who have darker complexions.  

Dark Blonde Hair Shades 

Dark blonde hair is the perfect transitional shade for those who are just thinking about making the switch to blonde. To start, the bronde shade is a combination of blonde and brown that is natural looking and goes well with almost every skin tone.  

Similarly, caramel blonde whether the hair itself is interspersed with golden browns and darker blondes is a fantastic look for anyone that has medium to dark skin tones. 

There are so many options out there for beautiful blonde hair that there just isn‚Äôt enough time to try them all ‚Äď which is why finding the shade that matches your complexion and coloring the best is key.¬†

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