Do you have an event coming up? If you are trying to impress a crowd, but don’t have the time to do it, there are tons of festive looks that don’t require a ton of time, tools, or energy to do.


Rene Fris, a highly sought after celebrity stylist, says, “It’s a whole new generation, and everything is just so more toned down then what is used to be. So today, you see more simple hairdos and small details.” That is good news for you, because it means that it is that much easier to create a beautiful look. Here are his three favorite styles to help you look sleek and elegant without spending hours on your hair.


For a look that reminds you of old Hollywood glamour, an elegant wave can be an easy look to do. Fris achieved this sleek look by using a curling iron in the front part of one side of the hair. Next, he recommends that you pin up the hair to help get the style to stick. After 10-15 minutes, pull out the pins, and then brush out the waves. If you want a looser hair design, Fris suggests that you pull the waves out and brush them more with your fingers.


You want your hair to add to your dress or outfit, not take away or distract. If you are wearing a dress that makes a statement, then you might want to pull out the waves a little bit more.


When you have darker hair, it can be easier for the smaller details to get lost in the look. For those who have black or very dark brown hair, having an up-do with simple details on the side of your style can be a great way to make a statement without all your hard work going unnoticed.


If you are also wearing a darker outfit, adding a little sparkle is a great idea. Fris says one of his favorite things to do is add a line of sparkle using a barrette or other hair accessory along the part of the hair. It is sure to make people stop and notice your hair!



To round out his trio of ideas, Fris recommends a look that blends together the up and down style. While Pamela Anderson didn’t incorporate bangs into the styles, he likes to do so to help soften it.


It’s the perfect hairstyle to incorporate with a louder outfit that doesn’t need a big hairstyle to compete with at your event. Fris says that he likes to comb the hair smooth in the front and turn the back of the hair almost into a ponytail. By adding a little bit of wave to the bottom of the hair, it turns the hairstyle from boring to fabulous without taking away attention from a beautiful dress or outfit.


Regardless of the outfit you end up choosing, Rene Fris recommends that you use a styling cream to help control the flyaway hairs and frizz. Put just a tiny dab in your hand and distribute it throughout your locks. Styling cream is a great tool to add volume and dimension to hair and restore your hair back to a smooth, healthy look.


What’s your favorite style?

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