It can be very difficult to determine how you should wear your hair for a holiday party. For many people, it is difficult because the holidays are a time when you just have so much to do and so little time to do it. That is why you don’t need to fret about your hair or how you do it – instead, you can simply master one particular style and use it over and over again.

We’ve collected a few hairstyles that will work extremely well for your holiday party and you can add your own twist to it to make it your own.

Stuck on what hairstyle to do for your holiday party? Here are our takes:


Wavy hair looks great on many different face types – and it is one of the easiest hair styles to keep. Use a wider barrel curling iron to get the perfect curls or use a curling wand to get picture perfect waves. Whatever you do, make sure that you brush them out a little bit so that they don’t look too perfect. Add a mist of shine spray and you are set for the rest of the night.


Tousled hair is a great option for those who are going to hop from party to party. Holiday hairstyles need to be tough because you are going in and out of the elements at a fairly fast clip – and that means temperature changes, moisture, and even some dancing.

The best tousled look depends on what your hair does naturally and working with it. Instead of forcing your hair to look tousled, simply guide your hair into the perfect style and then mist it with hairspray. Other than that, the texture is up to you: add some waves, some curls, or even crimp it if you wish.


Another option is to pull your hair back and make it very sleek. This works great for parties where you will be dancing or somewhere it will be warm. Be careful when you pull back your hair and make sure that everything is smooth and sleek – any bumps will look out of place in this look.

For a more festive look, try to aim for mid-crown when it comes to the actual bulk of your hair. If you want, spritz it with some hairspray and always keep a few bobby pins in your clutch for any fixes.


Actress Nicole Kidman arrives at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday, May 22, 2011. (AP Photo/Dan Steinberg)

Want something a little more romantic for the holidays? A braid will always look appropriate. Pull your hair to the side and sweep your bangs in for a romantic look. Aim to secure the braid with an elastic that is strong, as your hair will likely shift and you don’t want everything fall out.

For a better hold, twist your hair around the back of your neck so that loose pieces are more likely to stay in place.


Really want to garner attention with your hairstyle at a holiday party? Want to catch the eye of a coworker or a friend’s cute brother? Add volume to your hair! You can do this in many, many ways but the best way is to flip your hair over and get to work with a backcomb and the hair spray. Just be careful not to do any damage!

You can also help your hair out with bobby pins and some gentle coaching of your hair.

Overall, the things that you need to worry about when it comes to hairstyles for holiday parties include:

* Will the hair hold up in outside temperatures?

* How will this hairstyle photograph?

* Will this damage my hair?

If your hairstyle can pass all of those tests, you are on your way to the perfect holiday hairstyle.

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