It’s official! Hair accessories are back in fashion. From bright colored scrunchies to big barrettes, everyone is sporting hair accessories this fall. However, if you have been nervous about wearing hair accessories because you are worried about looking childish, but there are tons of ways to wear them and still look like a mature, strong, individual.


We recommend that you wait a day after washing your hair, so it is less slick. Therefore, clips, bows, and bands will stay in place easier without you constantly having to adjust them.


Here are some of our favorite hair accessory looks!


Hair Scrunchie



For those with long straight hair, you might be worried that you will look like Alice in Wonderland with a headband on. However, headbands can add just the right element of glam to an outfit without it being too over the top.



A ribbon in your hair might cause you to flashback to your younger years, but with a messy ponytail or bun, it becomes an adult look.



You can use a barrette in many different ways. This helps to keep your hair in place throughout the day while adding a glamour of flash.


Claw clip

Instead of using an elastic band to hold your hair back, try to use a claw clip instead. It looks more expensive and classier than just a hair tie. We recommend using this Styling Cream to keep your hair in place throughout the day. This Styling Cream from Rene Fris adds volume and dimension, even to hair that is limp or fine. It gives you invisible control, without weighing down your look.


Hair Clip

You can go with a fancy clip to spice your hairstyle. Consider adding a hair clip as a compliment to your bun or above one ear to keep the layers of your hair in place.



Very subtle, but adding beads to your hair can be a fun way to switch up your style. Consider putting a shiny one, or a vintage one to switch up your style. Combine it with a high bun to break up your look.


Multiple Hair Ties

Don’t have a lot of accessories, or not quite ready to make the leap to something flashier? Try the simpler look of adding more hair ties to your ponytail. It works best for people with long hair and is a great way to transform a monotonous ponytail into something fun.



A claw is a great way to keep your hair back. If you want thick hair, then consider using this Thickening Cleanser & Conditioner from Rene Fris’ line. It is a thickening agent that doubles the size of your hair follicles to help you get even bigger volume. Using these two products together helps to create the best environment for your scalp, turning your hair into something fabulously healthy.




Having a bad hair day? A hat is a great way to cover up the grease or frizz! As the fall weather comes around, a hat is a great accessory to top off your fall attire.

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