Medium hairstyles are some of the most common styles out there. Luckily, women with medium hair can pull off a ton of different unique hairstyles that are fun and exciting. You can play with hair colors, lengths, or go for a professional look or one that is edgier. If you need some medium-hair inspiration, we have compiled together our favorite list of medium-length hair cuts.

Bob cut With Volume And Highlights

If you have already had a bob, this is a more spiced up version of it! Ask your stylist to add a few layers to add some extra volume. It becomes almost like a shag haircut, but it is more smooth and rounded, rather than touseled. Your hairstylist should put in just one layer of layers near the bottom.


For those who struggle with volume or thin hair, consider adding this Thickening Cleanser & Conditioner from Rene Fris’ line. It uses a thickening agent that doubles the size of your hair follicles to help you get more volume than ever. It also gives your hair natural movement and bounce.


Long Bob With Highlights

Your bob doesn’t have to be smooth to be stylish! Today’s bobs will often be choppier with fun colors. One way you can make this style your own is by adding the ombre style to give you a fun, new look.


Layered Haircut

For those who want a more traditional and sophisticated look, try a layered haircut. You can also choose to add feathered layers if you need a little help creating texture and volume. The length of this haircut can be right around the shoulders or a little bit longer if you want!

Wavy Angled Blonde Lob

This a sassy look that is tons of fun for going out and the workplace alike. This hairstyle is very easy to manage and helps to showcase your jawline angels. You can keep your waves down, tuck it behind one year, or pin it up.

Caramel Balayage Blunt Lob

This color is so perfect for the fall! The lob can be a great look for women because it is a beautiful modern style. If you pair it with balayage highlights, it can be a fantastic color to help bring in the fall.

If you need help keeping your style intact, you might want to consider incorporating this Styling Creme from Rene Fris. With this sulfate-free product, it adds volume and dimension. Plus, it has an amazing scent of lime, tangerine, and lavender, as well as jasmine, lilac, and vanilla!


Add some dimension and texture to your look by adding bangs! Medium length hair is perfect for bangs because it helps everything come together beautifully. You can add further dimension to your look by highlighting your base with a slightly lighter brown color.


Lob with Sweeping Bangs

Hairstyles with sweeping bangs and long layers are great for a look that requires almost no upkeep but still looks stylish. If you want to have some extra movement, try to add some feathered layers.

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