As the weather changes, that means that it is time to change your hair too! This fall, we see more innovative styles as colorists start to take more risks and use new techniques to get that head-turning style.


As you’ll notice from the names, there is definitely a food/drink related theme! While it might not seem like they are much different from a typical balayage, these particular hair colors do have specific nuances and techniques that go into making them. Here are some of our favorite styles, for every color from red, blond, and brunette.



Mushroom Blond

As we wrote about before, mushroom blond is one of the newest hair techniques that has been sweeping the nation! Using mushroom colors like beige, gray, and silver can be a great look to bring in the fall. Even though this look seems like it would take a lot of maintenance, it is actually very easy to take care of! And because it is between dark blond and light brown, it is the perfect go-between for blondes who want something darker or brunettes who want a lighter look.



Megan Rapinoe, the outspoken star of the US Women’s National Soccer Team, made waves in more than one way during the World Cup. Her pastel-pink hair made us fall in love with her even more, and sparked the new hair trend “Rapinkoe.” Mirror Rapinoe by adding a little bit of violet for extra depth and dimension to this look.


To keep your look fresh, try using this Styling Cream from Rene Fris’ line. It gives your hair a bouncy look that almost seems to define gravity. Plus, it helps to protect your hair from environmental pollutants and oxidative stress thanks to its innovative formula.


Toasted Coconut

Toasted coconut is another tasty trend that has become popular. It got its inspiration from the brond (brunette – blonde) look but added a little bit of icy toner to give this look an indescribable silvery look. Make sure to ask your stylist to keep the roots deep, dark brown to make sure it is a “toasted” look.

Chili Chocolate

Add a little bit of spice to your look this fall with a chili chocolate look. With a beautiful rich brown, it incorporates a little bit of auburn over it. It helps to add a little bit of summer to the colder weather.

Chocolate Balayage

While chocolate-colored hair is definitely not new, this chocolate look adds a modern twist by adding in lighter highlights. You can even go so far to add gold highlights if you want to add an extra dimension and a beautiful hue.


Cinnamon is another fall favorite. Layer in some auburn or light brown to a dark brunette base. Thanks to the subtle layering, it looks great no matter how long or short your hair is.


Red hair is still in! Making it a more auburn look to help bring in the fall looks.

Red Velvet

Who else is loving this vibrant red? It brings the color you get from the dessert into your hair, without the mess!



Which hair color is your favorite?

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