If you have gotten used to reaching for your flat iron or curling iron every time your hair’s a little frizzy, you might want to reconsider. While it might seem counterproductive, your attempts to get your hair perfectly straight

and smooth is what is actually causing all those frizzy ends and flyaways in the first place. To help make sure your hair is healthy, we asked celebrity hairstylist, Rene Fris, on his tips on how to straighten your hair without damaging your strands. Here is what you should try the next time you reach for your flat iron.

Hair Is Completely Dry

Some flat irons can reach crazy high temperatures of 400 degrees. Fris says that if you are applying heat to your wet hair, it means you are essentially boiling it, which can cause serious damage. Even if you are using a steam iron, your hair should be completely dry first.

Going Over A Section Only Once

Straightening the same section of hair can also be a cause of damage. Whenever you can, try to make an effort to go through each section of hair only once. Fris’ tip for you if you are having trouble keeping track of what you haven’t straightened yet is to consider using clips to separate your hair and going through each section one at a time.

Keep The Iron Heat Down Low

According to different studies, you should keep the heat of your flat iron at no more than 310 degrees Fahrenheit. When Rene Fris is straightening a client’s hair, he says he has found that 310 degrees is the optimal temperature, because you still can achieve pencil-straight hair without causing too much damage.


When looking for a new straightener, you should find one that displays the actual temperature and doesn’t just have high or low heat settings. Fris suggests that you never use a flat iron at above 350 degrees because that is when you will start to see more damage.

Use Ceramic Plates

Another feature you should look for is ceramic plates. Ceramic plates, especially with tourmaline coating, ensure that your hair won’t snag on the plates as much as they would with a metal plate. The tourmaline also provides an extra bonus of keeping the moisture locked in, so your hair doesn’t look as dry or frizzy.


Don’t Straighten Your Hair Every Day

Of course, there is no way for you to straighten your hair without causing at least some damage, which is why you should avoid doing it every day. If you can avoid it, don’t re-straighten your hair every morning. Try to wait at least a couple of days before you rewash and style your hair again with the flat iron. You’ll have less damaged hair, and your morning routine will go by much quicker.


If you struggle with frizz in between washes, Rene Fris suggests that you try out an anti-frizz cleanser and conditioner.  Using it will help your hair look silky and glossy, no matter what the humidity level is outside.


If you are still struggling with frizz, consider adding a deep conditioning treatment to your hair as a way to get some of that must-needed moisture into your locks.

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