If you watched the Golden Globes or The Oscar or flicked through a celebrity gossip magazine, you might have noticed that long hair for men is back. Before, longer hair for men might not have been seen professional, but now anyone can rock the look in any situation. We talked to celebrity hairstylist Rene Fris on a few of his favorite styles and advice on how to nail the longer look.


Oscar-nominated actor Brad Pitt is one of many celebrities that are embracing the long look. If you want to achieve the long layered look that Pitt is pulling off, Rene says that you should ask your hairstylist to cut your hair with a razor. To style it, add a little bit of styling cream to help add shine and definition to your hair. 

This styling cream from Rene Fris’ is the perfect product to restore weight and give your hair shine even if it is dried out from the winter. Rene recommends that you use a little bit and then tousle your hair with your fingers to get the right look. Even if you have waves, curls, or straight hair, you can pull off this look. 


For those who are die-hard Star Wars fans, you might want to try and pull off a Kylo Ren look. Adam Driver, recently nominated for his role in the emotional Netflix film A Marriage Story, has been rocking the longer hair for a couple of years now, and it isn’t as hard as you might think to achieve this look too. Rene says if you have naturally wavy hair, your instincts might be to cut it short. However, by layering your hair, you can add texture and get rid of some bulk. Rene recommends that you still use a great conditioner to ensure your longer locks stay healthier. He also says that you shouldn’t comb your dry hair otherwise it will add unnecessary poof; instead, comb it right when you get out of the shower. After it has dried, use your fingers only.  



Antonio Banderas -recently nominated for his role in Pain and Glory –  rocks this slicked-back look. This is the more undone version of the man bun and can work well if you have a fancy event or want to switch up your normal style. For those who have fine hair, Rene says that you should use a medium hold wet-look gel and rake it through your cleaned hair. Even if you have curly or textured hair, you can still achieve this look. Rene recommends that you sweep the front section of your hair back with a mousse or pomade that allows for maximum hold. You can choose to keep the curls intact or break them up a little bit more. 


Bradley Cooper – an Academy Award nominee for his work in A Star is Born – is just one of many celebrities that rock the longer, wavy look. If you want to copycat his look, Rene recommends that you ask your stylist to create a deconstructed pompadour with waves of medium density and texture. No matter what face shape you have, it works but it does work best for people who have natural movement to their hair. Use a styling mousse and let your hair air dry. Rene says that once your hair is dry, lightly backcomb it to get that youthful look. 
Bjørn Borg style hair is definitely back. Talk to your hairstylist to see how you can keep your hair longer and make sure it stays healthy.
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