Spring is officially here, so if you want to do something fun and exciting with your hair, consider an adorable pastel hair. There is a reason why celebrities like Blac Chyna, Rita Ora, and Gigi Hadid have all gone pastel – it looks great and reminds us of warmer weather! 


Pastel hair colors are the perfect way to match what is happening outside. As the flowers start to bloom, your hair can also add some color to complement your brighter wardrobe and the outside world. 


However, before you get started, you want to make sure you pick a reputable stylist and salon in your area who can do your hair. “Pastel hair is one way to get your hair color ready for spring. However, you should find a trust professional to help you achieve your desired look and keep your hair from becoming damaged,” says New York-based stylist Rene Fris,  who has a long list of A-list cliente and is a guest contributor on  “Good Morning America,” “The CBS Early Show,” “Today,” and “E! News” in America. 


According to Fris, first, you should start with bleaching the hair, which is one of the most important steps in the process. The hair will have to be light enough so that the gorgeous pastel colors can shine through. This might take multiple rounds of bleach, so Fris suggests that you work with a bond builder that can act as a barrier and help to keep your hair from becoming damaged throughout the process.  


Here are some of our favorite pastel looks for you to emulate this spring:  



Image: @barbarosbulvarinda/Instagram 

With an ombre look, this one is able to keep some of the darker roots while mixing in a beautiful purple and blue look that fades into a pastel at the roots.  




This look is perfect if you still want to keep your roots bleach-free, but still want to experiment with some fun colors. The purple ombre highlights compliment her naturally dark locks, helping the colors to pop.  



Image: @Wigsbykeke/Instagram 


This curled hair is a great way to change up your long locks without doing too much damage to the roots. It starts off dark at the top and then fades down into a beautiful blue pastel color that reminds us of the ocean.  




If purple is more your style, then you should consider choosing this grey/purple look. It is a great way to welcome in the spring and completely change your look.  



With faded pastel, the hair has to be completely bleached to a nearly white platinum blonde before you can dye the hair pastel. This is an essential step because your hair has to be a completely blank canvas to get this delicate color to shine through.   

This intense coloring process will cause your hair to dry out, so make sure to take extra care of your locks after you have your perfect pastel color. Using a product like Rene Fris’ Hair Conditioner is a great option to keep your hair looking young and healthy. It combines a blend Provitamin B5 and exotic Scandinavian botanicals to help keep your hair smooth and full of life. Plus, his line never contains sulfates, silicone or parabens and will always be safe for color-treated hair.  


What color are you thinking of doing next?  

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