Summer is in full swing, and that means that wedding season is officially here. Summer wedding hairstyles can get boring if you keep going back to the same look. And if you are going to two or more weddings, and if they are out of state, that means there are even more things to worry about. However, we will give you one less thing to figure out: your hairstyle. Here is our list of top summer wedding hairstyles for guests! 




Summer means humidity, and for people with curly hair, that often leads to poofy hair and frizz. Even if you normally have well-behaved hair, if you are traveling to a different climate, there is no telling what your hair will be like. Don’t try to fight the curls; instead, pin them loosely to one side, or gather up into a loose bun, and then let your curls fall naturally! 


Try using a styling cream that can help you get bouncy hair without weighing down your hair. Rene Fris Styling Cream not only gives you great volume, but it also restores weight and radiance to dry or damaged hair. It is the perfect product for people whose locks are still recovering from a dry, harsh winter. Plus, the scent of this product is crisp and citrusy, so you can wear it with confidence!  




You might think that wearing braids will make you look juvenile, but it can actually be the perfect topper to a classic look. With a messy, twisted look, you can achieve a romantic style that is perfect for wedding. By pulling out a few edges along the hairline, you can loosen up short layers to add to the softness of this look.  





With a top knot, you can make it as plain or accessorize as you want. Consider adding a bow under your top knot, or adorning the knot with golden flowers, or really anything you have around the house. Even if you have shorter hair, you can still achieve this look by doing a half up/ half down top knot.  


For a naturally beautiful look, consider switching to Rene Fris Hair Cleanser & Conditioner, it gives you clean, youthful hair thanks to a potent blend of Provitamin B5 and exotic Scandinavian botanicals that were specially selected due to its ability to keep your hair and scalp in optimal condition.      





Pulled back braids don’t have to seem bookish or boring. You can even keep a smooth hairline and have a soft crown, so you have a classic look at your next wedding.  




A flower crown has been around for a while, but it is one of our favorite summer weddings looks. You can also opt for a more subtle, floral headband and paring it with side-swept bangs. Your hair can be up or down, curly or straight. The flower crown is so perfect because it is an easy way to bring life (literally!) into your hairstyle without it overpowering your own look and the bride’s!  


No matter which hairstyle you end up choosing to wear at a wedding, wear it with love and pride! Happy wedding season! 

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