Blonde is back in a big way for 2018! From hues taken from our favorite 90’s pop culture to shades inspired by our iPhones, we’ve got the hottest shades to update your look this season!

Rose Blonde

From Millennial Pink to Rose Gold, soft, warm pink has been everywhere the last few seasons. But why stop at sweaters, home decor, and our iPad? Rose blonde is all over the red carpet and runway and is going to be taking over your Instagram feed, and with good reason – it’s a versatile look that can range from just the softest rosy-tinted champagne blonde all the way to a warm, vibrant pink shade. Even better, it will rose blonde will complement nearly any skin tone and can be mild enough for even the most conservative office environment.

Who’s been wearing it: Kylie Jenner and Poppy Delevigne

Buttery Blonde

Think Cher from Clueless, Buffy Summers, and pretty much anything with Reese Witherspoon – the bright, buttery blondes of the late 90’s are making a comeback. Soft, sun-kissed, and never brassy, these blonde shades are a more natural, softer look than the silver or ash tones of previous seasons. While this is a look that lasts all year long, buttery blonde is a perfect shade for summer!

Who’s been wearing it:  Emma Stone and Reese Witherspoon (she’s kept the look going strong!)

Cream Soda

So long root beer hair, cream soda is taking your spot! This shade is a perfect blend of blonde and brunette, almost the shade of honey or caramel, but with more depth and shine, making it a great option for people not wanting to make a dramatic change but still wanting to update their look.

You can probably see that warm colors are definitely in this season, and cream soda blonde is no different! Like rose blonde and buttery blonde, cream soda blonde works well on nearly all complexions and is a great summer shade, though it’s so versatile, it looks gorgeous all year long.

Who’s wearing it: Gigi Hadid and Lauren Conrad

Strawberry Blonde

While red and ginger hair color is most often seen in the fall and winter, strawberry blonde is a fantastic summer look. This is a lighter, softer shade that has a warm glow that brightens nearly every complexion plus the upkeep is a breeze as it doesn’t fade like vibrant, richer reds tend to do. Strawberry blonde is a fun way to brighten up a color and stand out among more typical shades of blonde and brown.

Who’s wearing it:  Blake Lively, Nicole Kidman

If you’re ready to test the theory that  blondes have more fun, pick a shade that you love and dive in! But keep your blonde hair looking bright, shiny, and healthy with our hair cleansers and conditioners. Free from damaging sulfates that can strip color and leave hair dry and brittle, our products contain gentle botanicals to keep hair looking vibrant and feeling soft and silky.

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