If you have naturally curly, wavy, or coiled hair, you likely have had to deal with frizzy hair at some point. Perhaps your hair is fighting off the damage from the sun, or dried out from swimming in the pool or ocean. Luckily for you, there are several tricks you can follow to eliminate frizz from your life once and for all.


1. Use a sulfate-free shampoo

When you use a shampoo that has sulfates in it, you are stripping the natural oils that your hair produces. Many traditional hair care shampoos aren’t the right choice for people with curly hair, as it causes their hair to dry out faster, causing more frizz. Use a sulfate-free shampoo that also fights frizz, like this Anti-Frizz Cleanser from Rene Fris. It transforms your dry hair into silky, glossy, and humidity-proof strands that you won’t even recognize! It helps your hair to look nourished and shiny again.


2. Get A Trim

A haircut can do wonders for your frizzy hair. When the ends of your curls are damaged and scraggly, there is usually no product in the world that can help transform your hair. But, by getting a fresh trim, it can rejuvenate your hair and help it to perk right back up. For best results, visit a hairstylist who has experience with cutting and caring for textured hair.


3. Use Deep Conditioners

One of the reasons why frizzy hair gets so big and frizzy when it’s rainy or humid is because curls are naturally porous and dry. They crave moisture and will soak up as much as they can from the air. Therefore, you should incorporate a deep conditioner into your weekly routine to help seal in the hydration. If you have wavy hair, avoid the root area, so you don’t weigh down your hair. Otherwise, for all other curled hair people, slather it all over your hair strands.

4. Find The Right After-Shower Routine For You

Once you get out of the shower, make sure to develop an after-shower routine that works for you. Instead of using a terry cloth towel, consider using a soft T-shirt instead to dry your hair. A standard towel can lead to more frizz, but by blotting your curls dry with a soft cloth, it can eliminate the flyaways. Consider using the plopping method for drying your curls without any heat.


However, as the months get colder and you don’t have time to air-dry your hair, you can use a hair diffuser attached to an ionic hair dryer. This hot tool can keep your curls smooth and well defined.

Instead of using a normal brush when you get out of the shower, a wide-tooth comb is probably a better option for you. Get one with pliable material that won’t tug your hair unnecessarily. You should only comb your hair when it is wet; otherwise, it might cause hair breakage.


By incorporating all of the hints into your hair care routine, you can tame your curly hair, and keep the frizz away!

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