If your hair is feeling the winter damage, you might want to try to avoid heat for styling your hair to help it recover. Daily styling can take a heavy toll on your locks. While you might have intense hair envy when you see bouncy, beautiful curls on Instagram, but if your hair is becoming fried, what can you do besides using an anti-frizz conditioner?  


However, there is a way to get a great style without having to plug in a curling iron or flat iron. No matter what the texture of your hair is, there is a way to get beautiful curls without having to sacrifice your hair. Here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks.  


Bantu Knots 



This is a super simple hairstyle that doesn’t take long to do and has been a chosen style for people with natural hair for centuries. Your hair can either be dry or wet for this curling method to be dry. It even works on hair textures like 4B or 4C.  

To create these curls, begin with just one section at a time and use a styling cream like Rene Fris’ Styling Cream. Then start to twist and coil the section around itself to form the Buntu knot, as you can see in the picture. If you need to, secure the knot with a bobby pin and let the curls set for at least 24 hours. After the full day, twist the knot in the opposite direction and pull the section apart with your fingers to create volume.  


Clean Socks 


Clean socks don’t seem like a natural way to get curls – but it does actually work! Start with hair that is dry and clean socks for the best results. Section off your hair and wrap each section around the sock. Then roll the sock all the way up your hairline and knot the ends in place to keep it securely in place. You can even sleep with a hair bonnet in to help protect your curls that much more. In the morning, undo your work and see the big, bouncy curls. 

French Braids  


First, wash your hair with an excellent anti-frizz cleanser and conditioner, like this one from Rene Fris’ line. Once your hair is damp or dry, part your hair down the middle and create French Braids on each side. Sleep on them, and in the morning when you take out the braids you should have some nice volume in your hair! 


Headband Waves  



This technique is fairly simple and requires fewer tools than others. All you need is a headband – no clips or bobby pins. Begin with damp hair, put the headband around your hair, and then divide your hair into two sections. Next, twist each section away from your face and wrap each twisted section over and under the headband until you run out of hair. Once your hair has completely dried, take it out of the headband. Add a styling paste like this one from Rene Fris’ line to help maintain a tousled, but effortless look that stays imperfectly perfect.  


While every hair technique isn’t perfect for you and your hair, try a few of them to figure out what works best for your length and texture. Some heatless curling techniques may work better on your hair than others! Once you find the perfect one for you, your hair will be much healthier and thank you!  

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